The Deep Things of the Spirit

When brother Sparks speaks about the deep Things of the Spirit his object is to make believers aware of the kind of life they have been brought into by the Holy Spirit. What a difference it is, indeed, with a life without the Lord! And so the Christian is encouraged to walk according to his high calling in Christ Jesus and to keep on discovering more of the depths of Christ as he goes on.

Although we may not agree with our brother’s interpretation of the parabels mentioned in these messages, we will agree that his ideas behind it are clear and true: the cause for which the Lord Jesus came to this earth was a very precious thing, a ‘joy that was set before Him’. And how wonderful it is to be, by God’s grace, a part of that which gives joy to our Saviour!

December 2016,
On behalf of The Golden Candlestick team,
Hugo de Jong, Twello, the Netherlands