The Establishment of the Testimony by Resurrection

The message of the series of talks by T. Austin-Sparks that make up this issue of “The Golden Candlestick”, seems to be timeless and therefore it doesn’t really matter that the date and venue are unknown. It does not refer to a specific situation or burden that the brothers and sisters were facing at the time that these talks were given. It is taken from Paul’s letter to the Romans and relates to the question how a worthy representation of the coming Kingdom of God, “the testimony of Jesus”, can be maintained in the days in which the community of God’s children lives. The answer lies in the resurrection of their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Brother Sparks explains what that implies practically and wants to help believers to understand their course of life, in which crises play an important role.

August 2020
On behalf of The Golden Candlestick team,
Hugo de Jong