Covenant Renewal and the Testimony of Jesus – part 3

This issue of The Golden Candlestick is the continuation of No. 216. It is the transcription of a series of meetings with the title “Jeremiah — a Child over the Nations”. T. Austin-Sparks reflects on Jeremiah’s twofold ministry to expose Israel’s idolatry and unfold God’s plan of universal restoration in Christ. The two aspects are strongly connected. Israel was God’s elected vessel to bring about the cradle of the Saviour of mankind. It was the prophet’s task to call God’s people to return to His covenant with them. The burden of the conference was that a similar ministry is needed again in our days, now with regard to the church as God’s chosen vessel to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

The Holy Spirit
In this part the Holy Spirit plays a significant role. His mission is the extension of the testimony of Jesus. A twofold ministry can be described as His way in which He works towards the fulfillment of His mission: the continuous renewal of the hearts of believers and their congregations and the advance of the preaching of the gospel. They go hand in hand.

The Passover
T. Austin-Sparks put much emphasis on the importance of the Passover Feast as the foundation of God’s covenant. Although some people recognized this in Jeremiah’s days, like king Josiah, it is presumed that it was generally neglected. This is a warning for the church today, if it wants to carry on its calling to be the vessel of the testimony of Jesus, till He comes.

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November 2021
On behalf of The Golden Candlestick team,
Hugo de Jong