A Kingdom that Cannot be Shaken

Although this series of messages is different from the series published in “The Golden Candlestick” Nos. 125-128, titled “The Kingdom that Cannot be Shaken”, its message is similar. Central to the message is the Christian’s experience of the reality of the Kingdom of God here and now and at the same time of a life governed by the expectation of the return of the Lord Jesus. Only then will His Kingdom be fully realized. Here and now is the time that it’s unshakable qualities are being tested and proved, especially by Christians living together as God’s holy people in the midst of a society that is dominated by the powers of the kingdom of darkness.

The reader may find the beginning of the series a bit long-winded but we trust blessings and encouragement will be reaped by those who read on.

The messages of “The Kingdom that Cannot be Shaken” can be found here on austin-sparks.net.

November 2020
On behalf of The Golden Candlestick team,
Hugo de Jong